Lunar Business Planning

Your energy follows a cycle, just like the moon.

Tired of missing your goals?

Have trouble sticking to a schedule?

Think you're just not productive? 

It's time to plan differently.

Sync with the moon to empower your productivity and intuition for total success.

It's called Lunar Planning.

Learn exactly how to do it in this masterclass.


In this masterclass you'll learn...

  • How to harness the power of the 8 lunar phases for epic life + business success
  • The best times to schedule, create, and launch anything
  • How to manage your energy with the moon

Liz White | Copyright 2018

  • The 4 elements of the Lunar Zodiac and how they influence your energy
  • Do's and Don'ts for each lunar and lunar zodiac phase

Liz White | Copyright 2018

Including these great bonuses!

Lunar Planning Workbook

Plan out your next lunar cycle from everything you learn with this guide.

Guided Goal Setting Meditation

Fully embody your goals... you've never experienced goal setting like this before.

Immediately access this 60 minute masterclass.

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